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Our Mission:  A peaceful, healing experience.

From CHP 2016 Patient Satisfaction Survey (delivered anonymously):

"She is awesome"

"Dr. Sawhill and her staff are knowledgeable and willing to educate. Always professional.  An oasis of calm."

photo by Kathy Sawhill, N.D.



I Thank Heaven for Prolotherapy!!! Dr. Sawhill,  I have been fighting pain since the shoulder surgery and I just got the injections two days ago and am 90% pain free. I am not having to use anti-inflammatory meds and no narcotics at all last night. I had a good night sleep and feel great. You can fill in the blanks, this therapy should be post op for all surgeries instead of massive narcotics and anti-inflammatory meds that tear up the stomach!! Thank you, you are a Godsend. Love you, Rosemary


Coming to Dr Sawhill for an adjustment is a delight. I love that she can not only 'fix' my back and neck stuff but does amazing things to all sorts of fiddly places in my body, like my hands, and feet. She even helped get my jaw back in "line" after a bunch of dental work. I feel very confident in her expertise and am glad to recommend her to anyone! Shell T

Dr. Sawhill is amazing. Her treatments are working wonders for my back. I highly recommend any one to go see her.

April B

September 2014

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I have a couple of conditions in my left foot that are causing my second toe to pull apart and move over towards my big toe.  I went to a podiatrist to have it checked out because I was having severe pain that was shooting all the way up my leg.  I was told that there was nothing to be done but, in time, I would probably need surgery as the toe would drift up and over my big toe.  Shortly after that, I heard about prolo therapy and began a series of treatments with Dr. Sawhill.  I began noticing improvement after just one round of injections.  Now, after four rounds, I have no more pain and my toe is pulling back to its normal position.  I have begun to dance and hike again.  I highly recommend prolo therapy.  The improvement in my foot has been phenomenal.
Jan R

September 2015