COVID-19 updates –  We are taking extreme precautions to keep the clinic clean and safe for well patients.  HOWEVER, it is critical that everyone limit their activity as far as daily life errands and socialization.  In other words, stay home, even if you feel fine.  The symptoms are not severe for everyone and people may not have symptoms until days later.  Meanwhile, the person who doesn’t know they are sick inadvertently passes the virus to three other people who then pass it on to others and so on and so forth resulting in a clogged healthcare system and death that could have otherwise been avoided, either from the viral infection or other, unrelated issues that need hospital care.   The less we move about in the community, the less opportunity the virus has to spread to people who really cannot afford to be sick.  Our healthcare system is and will be overrun but we can help prevent the impact of this with personal space precautions and self-care.  We are all in this together, globally.

Dr. Sawhill is available for home visits and telecommunication visits using Skype or FaceTime.  Telecommunication visits may be scheduled online as usual. If you would like to schedule a home visit, contact us via the email form or call.  Staff is limited in the clinic and we may not get back to you immediately.  An alternative way to contact Dr. Sawhill directly is through direct messaging on the social media Instagram page @dandelionnaturpathic .

Dr. Sawhill is also available for personal and group health consultation regarding self care.  Please inquire below via email or schedule online.  In the meantime….

Drink more water, go outside and breathe, sleep, look for things to feel good about…  


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