Everyday Health Tips

Dry Skin Brushing

Use a dry loofah sponge for 45 seconds everyday before your bath or shower to stimulate the skin and help it to eliminate toxins. Start at the extremities (hands and feet) and brush quickly toward your heart.


Alternating Hot and Cold

Every day after your hot shower, finish with a short interval of cold water – as cold as you can stand it! Concentrate especially on your chest throat and face. Use your hands to vigorously rub your skin and further stimulate your immune system.


Castor Oil Pack/Castor Oil massage

Use a Castor Oil Pack during any detoxification protocol or when you are feeling low energy or ill. When not doing the pack, massage castor oil clockwise into your abdomen before a hot bath or before bed. Castor oil can also be massaged into sore joints for pain relief.


Drinking Water

Avoid bottled water—not good for the environment, and plastics contain chemicals that are not good for our bodies. Instead, drink filtered water, refilling your BPA free or glass water bottle frequently. Try the Kangen water! Aim for a gallon a day. For best results, drink your water with a pinch of trace mineral salt.


Far Infra Red or other type of Sauna

Heat up in a sauna and follow with a cold plunge bath or cold shower to detoxify and then stimulate your immune system and circulation. Meditate in the sauna for added bonus. The Far Infra Red heat penetrates deeper than other types of sauna, in addition to perspiration, you will sweat “oil”, which means toxins coming out of your skin. The skin is the largest elimination organ–use it!



Daily meditation improves everything, especially our response to the chronic daily stresses and pressures to which we are exposed leading to adrenal fatigue and burnout. These stresses pile up and cause emotional issues as well as physical ailments. Stress is the root of all chronic disease, a stressed out body is a sick body. Start small—5 to 10 minutes. YouTube is a rich resource for meditation instruction and guided meditation, as are many available apps. You are certain to find something you can do.



Like meditation, exercise improves everything physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has been named the single most important component of health, and if you do nothing else differently, put at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise into your daily routine. Moving at work or throughout your day is not the same thing.