Uses for 11.5pH and 2.5pH Kangen Water

11.5 pH Kangen Water:

Emulsifies Fats/Oils

  • Use instead of laundry and dish soap
  • Add 2 quarts to laundry load (with regular tap water input)
  • Dab on stains

Decrease Pain and Inflammation:

  • Soak in towels, wrap towels around swollen and/or painful joints, muscles
  • Wrap towels around skin lesions (e.g. eczema, psoriasis)
  • Soak feet in foot bath
  • Use as mouth rinse to decrease inflammation


2.5 pH Kangen Water:

  • Powerful antimicrobial
  • Apply topically to skin lesions, infections to treat and prevent infection
  • Use to clean counters, bathrooms, etc.
  • Use as mouth rinse to kill bacteria

NOTE: Smells like bleach, but will not bleach clothes.

You are welcome to fill your large water containers (or small water bottles) at the machine in the Dandelion Naturopathic clinic!