DNPC Membership Option Coming Soon!

Direct Naturopathic Care — somewhere between insurance and concierge lies an affordable healthcare option for you and your family

A few advantages of the monthly membership:

*Treatment when you need it— priority and same day visits if indicated.
*Activator treatments as often as recommended–even if you need more than 1 a month.
*Extra time to discuss additional issues, with no additional fee!
*Longer follow up visits as needed with no additional charges.
*Virtual visits: Email, text, phone, FaceTime/Skype appointments with Dr. Sawhill with no additional fee, even during off hours! You will have doc’s cell phone number.
*House calls— if you cannot get to the clinic and the situation requires in person assessment, Dr. Sawhill will work with you to come to your home. Note: additional travel fee will be assessed.
*Coordinated care: We will continue to work with you to get you the authorizations and referrals you need for imaging, tests and specialists.
Standard blood tests will be sent to and billed by your insurance company’s preferred laboratory.
*Complimentary billing codes, upon request, per visit that you can submit to your insurance.

Proposed Membership Rates:
Ages 0-24: $69
Ages 25- 29: $89
Ages 30- 39: $129
Ages 40-49: $159
Ages 50+ : $179
5% discount for one-time yearly payment
10% discount for families/groups of 2 or more

Direct Patient Care does not qualify as Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act. You will still be able to carry your own preferred insurance.

Thank you for your patience!  Dr. Sawhill is in the process of getting this program launched.