Dr. Kathy Sawhill, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Kathy Sawhill

Dr. Sawhill’s background is varied. Her father was a pathologist and she grew up sharing the same intellectual curiosity and intrigue of science and research.  With all we know about the body and how it all works together, there is so much more to learn.  This passion for medicine continues to inspire and fascinate.

In the 80’s she began her journey into non-conventional medicine learning botanical medicine (herbal medicine), nutrition and massage. She maintained a massage practice before moving to Portland to attend NCNM (now National University of Natural Medicine) to further her education. In 2001, she proudly achieved the doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine (N.D.).

While her gift and skill continue to be in helping people recover from physical injury and pain, she is also an expert in bioIdentical hormones for men and women and looks beyond conventionally accepted “norms”. She is a passionate coach, helping, teaching and guiding people to plug into the well-being that abounds with her full “naturopathic makeover” and knowledge for living approach.   Dr. Sawhill is also comfortable being your “one-stop-shopping” general practitioner. One of the major advantages of naturopathic medicine is that it can address and significantly improve every health situation. Her approach: Keep It Simple.

Besides becoming a doctor, Dr. Sawhill’s other dream come true is her teenage son. They both enjoy animals, hiking, hot springs, swimming in lakes, oceans, streams and rivers, camping and travel. Among their achievements, Dr. Sawhill and her son are second degree black belts.  Her son has gone on to become quite the athlete, preferring the team connection.  In line with her understanding that any sort of team sport activity is the best therapy for a growing human, much of Dr. Sawhill’s personal life revolves around attending her son’s games and events. It is well understood that sports and exercise keep us physically fit, emotionally fit, mentally fit and spiritually fit.

Dr. Sawhill desires that every encounter with any person she has is meaningful and that people who find Dandelion Naturopathic P.C.,  find value in their experience of this clinic. Most importantly, she would like to help make apparent each person’s own healing power.  Together, with your willingness and Dr. Sawhill’s expertise, naturopathic medicine helps facilitate rapid restoration of vibrant health. Dr.Sawhill believes we are here to thrive and it is in our nature to gravitate towards wellness. The more people who can experience this, the better for each individual, the community as well as the global community. Well-being abounds.