December 2017


15 and 1/2  years ago, with an infant on my back, I took my first steps as a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine.  Through several moves and changes, we have learned and benefitted from modalities that are at the core of Dandelion Naturopathic P.C.:  Activator Methods, Prolotherapy, bioIdentical hormones, food allergies and, most of all,  treatment of the entire person as opposed to a single body part, organ system or numbers on a blood test result.  

You’ve honored me with your confidence and gifted me with your trust in my ability to help guide you to increased wellness. I appreciate you.  I’ve had the privilege of watching your transformations as your rightful vitality and wellbeing returned from the inside out. Like the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly, your blossoming has been extraordinary. You are familiar with the wisdom of the body. You’ve experienced the capacity for improved health ensuing from easy, gentle change.  You understand the value of the so-called “alternative” modalities. You’ve discovered the advantage of naturopathic medicine.

Do you know how fulfilling it is to be your naturopathic doctor?  Do you realize how awesome you are?   You’ve shared your pain and your recovery with me,  your illness and your healing,  your challenges and your triumphs, your laughter and your tears, your  heartbreaks and your joy. Ultimately, you’ve shared your strong desire to be and feel well in this: your precious and wonderful life. It is incredible to witness and see that wellness day to day.  Thank you.

I love what I do for a living- a true calling.  It is natural for me to continue to help people find answers, experience better health and therefore, improved quality of life. In this, I honor you, I honor the legacy of this medicine, I honor the clinic and its staff and families.  

I want to keep doing this, which is why, after much deliberation,  I have made the tough decision to exit the discussion of  privatised health insurance.  Beginning  January 1, 2018, Dandelion Naturopathic P.C. will discontinue billing private and medicaid (OHP) insurance.  (Auto accident insurance with open claims we will continue to bill for services provided.)

What does this mean for you?  Read on!  I’ve outlined some of the benefits and logistics as we move forward.  Please do not hesitate to call or email with questions or concerns. Regardless of where your journey takes you, I wish you excellent health.


Dr. Kathy (Kathryn) Sawhill


A few things you can expect moving forward…

Transparency and planning.  The service fee schedule will be posted in the waiting area and online–you will know exactly how much the fee will be when you schedule.  More and more, people receive unexpected medical  bills  because “the service isn’t covered under the benefit plan” or services are otherwise determined to be “patient responsibility”.

More scheduling options.  The time now spent with insurance paperwork and billing will be time spent in continued research, patient visits and patient care

Membership options. We are developing a Direct Patient Care/ Boutique Medical Practice which gives members the option of scheduling appointments as needed for a set monthly fee with no additional expense.  Membership includes appointments when you need them, virtual appointments  (phone calls, emails, texts) and house calls–including Activator Treatment house calls!

Additional services are coming soon!  We will soon have online scheduling and consolidated visits for lab reviews. We are looking into offering secure patient portals with access to your records and emails, blood draws, cosmetic injections and lasers, as well as more providers available to serve you!

Continued Coordinated Care. The clinic will continue to assist you in obtaining necessary documentation and authorizations,  referrals to specialists, outside services (eg.) x rays and MRI’s as well as supplements and services provided by Dandelion Naturopathic PC.

Continued Laboratory and Diagnostic imaging insurance coverage. Standard blood tests, x-rays, MRI’s and ultrasound imaging are billed to your insurance by the laboratory or imaging center, not the doctor or clinic.  If we’ve ordered standard labs or imaging  for you in the past, this will continue–let us know your insurance’s preferred laboratories and imaging centers.  All of this information is available through your insurance customer service; most insurance companies have websites you can also access to obtain this information.

Potential for reimbursement from your insurance. Upon request, you will be provided with the documentation codes needed to submit your payment receipt to your insurance provider in order to seek reimbursement directly to you. Not all, but many insurance companies will accept a visit summary and receipt that can be submitted for direct reimbursement to you.  Companies have different policies; please contact your insurance for the specific guidelines and forms.

Potential tax deductions.  Depending on your medical expenses, including the supplements prescribed by Dr. Sawhill, you may be eligible to receive tax deductions.  Ask your accountant regarding your specific tax situation.

Less stress for everyone!  Your insurance will no longer determine how much to pay the clinic.  Private insurance reimbursement varies widely, depending on the insurer and the individual plan chosen,  even within the same Insurance company!  For example, companies will pay from $18- $126 for the same exact service, according to the company’s  “contracted rate” and the individual plan.

Auto Accident claim handling  We will continue to bill auto insurance if you are in involved in a motor vehicle collision. Why? 1. The injuries and stress that result from motor vehicle accidents, left untreated, tend to turn into long term chronic and worsening issues.  2. We are well versed in management of these special injuries and claim issues.  3. The clinic has always based its fees on the State of Oregon’s Workers Compensation Fee Schedule which is made public online.  Unlike private insurance companies, most Auto Accident Insurance companies reimburse naturopathic doctors according to this schedule.

The best that we bring to you will surely be better than ever.  You can expect the same level, if not more, of personal attention and care that you have come to expect.