February 2018

….I teach people to pay attention to their bodies, their emotions, their thoughts. I coach. This is when I feel I am at my best.
And when it happens, when people acknowledge the glory of who they really are, it is marvelous! The heavens open, the angels sing, every hair on the body tingles with excitement in an all encompassing confirmation of what this really is, what really matters.

My 15 year old is learning to navigate his teen years using his own inner guidance, his spiritual connection. He is learning to listen for and to that soft inner voice.  As am I.
It’s a path of knowing how you feel. Suss it out, what’s the ‘vibe’? Relief, happiness, freedom…..love. These are what we all have in common, what we all seek.

There are two emotions: good and bad.
Do you feel good? Do you feel bad?
If you feel good, what are you thinking?
Think more about that, think the next better thought about that, think the next better thought, and the next and the next.
Relish it, savor it, bask in it as long as you can.

And if you feel bad, what are you thinking?
Then reach for a better thought.

This is where lists of appreciation and gratitude, positive aspects, past evidence of all-is-well come in handy.

If it’s really big or too far gone then learn to soothe.
“It’s okay. Nothing has to happen this second. I don’t understand this friction and I don’t have to understand right this minute. Nothing really serious is going on here, not personally with me, not really. I’m all right. This is okay. I can just sit here for a little bit and relax a little. I can inhale air, slowly, deeply, hold it a little and exhale longer….
What don’t i like about this? The opposite of that is exactly what I prefer. I can think about what I prefer now…. or later…”  And so on and so forth.  Learn to self soothe.  Then teach it.

Is it possible to teach our children to listen to their own pure guidance as we come back into connection with our own?

Jiminy cricket called it “conscious”, he told us “let it be your guide”.

And if it screams in the ears, begs, pleads, enrages, chokes and sobs to stop:  Stop.

I am the mother of a public high school student. Last week another public high school shooting occurred.

What I want is a world in which every child feels loved and connected, that they all, we all,  learn at whatever point in their life, how to tune in to their love via whatever path that takes.  #Love  #HighSchoolStudentMother #MotherofHSStudent