2018 Fee Schedule

Beginning  January 1, 2018, Dandelion Naturopathic P.C. discontinues billing private and medicaid (OHP) insurance.  (Auto accident insurance with open claims we will continue to bill for services provided.)

Fee Schedule January 15, 2018

Initial Appointment: $325/ 90 minutes
Includes comprehensive exam, initial analysis, discussion and ordering of recommended laboratory testing (does not include laboratory fees),  treatment and continued care recommendations.

Follow up focused visit: $75/15 minutes*
Check in/follow up visit schedule 30-45 minutes
Lab review visit schedule 45 -60 minutes
Yearly hormone/prescription check in visit schedule 45- 60 minutes
* additional time when Activator treatment only is scheduled and there are other issues you’d like to discuss.

Activator Treatments: $75/15 minute focus on musculoskeletal issues and treatment using Activator Methods.
Does not include exam for new musculoskeletal issues or discussion of health issues which may be subject to additional visit charge depending on complexity.
20% discount for children under 15 years old. 10% discount for fixed income and hardship
Activator Packages: 20% discount for packages of 4 or more treatments.

Large area/joint (hip, shoulder, spinal area, sacroiliac): $400
Medium area/joint (knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, scapula, rib): $325
Small area/joint (foot, hand): $175
Trigger point: 1-2 muscles: $150; 3 plus muscles: $175
5% Dextrose Neural Therapy $150/area
Note: because of changing FDA regulations, compounded prescriptions of Procaine and Methyl or hydroxocobalamin (B12) must be pre-prescribed for the client/patient’s. A discount will be applied for those who pay for the injectables and procure from the pharmacy and bring to the prolotherapy appointment. Dr. Sawhill will provide Dextrose and procedure supplies in either case.

Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC)
First treatment $225 for 60 minutes. Established clients/patients only; must have had initial visit prior.
Follow up treatments $175 for 45 minutes

Phone calls or Skype/FaceTime visits: $75/ 10 minutes; $5/minute thereafter.
Emails: $50/ email answered, uninitiated by doctor.