Dandelion Packages

Activator Treatment for children under 15 years old: 20%.
Fixed income and Hardship: 10%. Please indicate upon scheduling.

Supplements: visit NP script to purchase recommended products: 20%. Enter code “dnpc2018”

Activator Treatment Package:  4- 15 minute Activator Treatments for established clients/patients. 20%

Time Package:  4-15 minute time segments for established clients/patients: 10%. Can be used at any time!

Food Allergy Assessment Package: 3 visits and blood test. Initial visit (30-90 minutes), US BioTek Laboratories IgE and IgG general blood test (blood draw at Providence St.Vincent Main laboratories until further notice), Review of lab results visit (30-45 minutes), 6 week follow up visit (30 minutes).
     Established clients/patients: $519. Includes 30 minute allergic response assessment visit.
     New client/patient: $669. Includes 90 minute initial overall health assessment visit.
Note: other food allergy panels may carry an additional fee depending on the panel.

Men & Women Hormone* Therapy Package: 3 visits. Initial visit (30-90 minutes), 3-6 month follow up visit and order metabolic safety/efficacy tests** (30 minutes); Review of lab test results (30 minutes). Email/short phone chat for questions or concerns (first 3 months of beginning hormone therapy)
     Established clients/patients: $425. Includes 30 minute initial expert hormone
assessment visit.**
     New client/patients: $625. Includes 90 minute initial expert overall health assessment
*Cost of compounding pharmacy prescriptions not included.
**$295 Rhein Consulting Labs 24 hour urinary hormone test fee for laboratory test not included.

Prolotherapy Package: 1 visit, 2 sessions. Initial visit, exam and assessment (30-90 minutes), initial prolotherapy session, regardless of the areas (60-90 minutes), 4-6 week follow up prolotherapy session, same areas as first session (60-90 minutes)
     Established clients/patients: $875 (includes 30 minute initial focused exam)
     New clients/patients: $1025 (includes 90 minute musculoskeletal exam and focused exam)
Note: because of changing FDA regulations, compounded prescriptions of Procaine and Methyl or hydroxocobalamin (B12) must be pre-prescribed for the client/patient’s. A discount will be applied for those who pay for the injectables and procure from the pharmacy and bring to the prolotherapy appointment. Dr. Sawhill will provide Dextrose and procedure supplies in either case.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC) Package: First visit & treatment, 9 follow up treatments. Initial visit, assessment and treatment session (60 minute), 9 follow up treatment sessions (45 minutes each, space 2-4 weeks apart).
     Established clients/patients: $1500
     New clients/patients: $1825. Includes additional 90 minute initial overall health assessment
visit, which must be scheduled separately and before the first HPC visit.