BioIdentical Hormone Therapy (bHRT)

BioIdentical Hormone Therapy/Treatment  (bHRT)

Dr. Sawhill is an expert in BioIdentical Hormone treatment for both men and women.  She uses the  24-hour urinary hormone metabolite test  to assess the safety and the efficacy of treatment. Using this test, standard blood and genetic tests when indicated, we review the metabolism of each hormone, including adrenal and thyroid hormones, correcting any aberrant pathways to get you feeling optimal and keep the treatment safe.  For example, a great number of men aromatize, i.e. turn testosterone into estrogen, while women worldwide forego bHRT because of the concern regarding reproductive organ cancers.  What many people do not know is that the incidence of cancer has much to do with how we metabolize our hormones. The 24-hour urinary hormone metabolite test reveals these metabolic issues so that they can be addressed.

For clarification: Depending on who you talk to, the term “bioIdentical hormones”  refers to compounded and pharmaceutical medications.  Dr. Sawhill only prescribes hormones that are compounded in a compounding pharmacy.  The substrate is from wild yam, which is then manipulated in the lab to match our human receptor sites.  This is significant, because so-called bioIdentical hormones that are manufactured by a pharmacological company are not truly identical to our human receptor sites.  In order to patent a pharmaceutical drug or medication, a naturally occurring substance must be synthesized in a laboratory and the molecular structure must be altered, as it is against the law to patent a naturally occurring substance.  Additionally, many pharmacy companies add preservatives and fillers that may or may not be harmful.  Some insurance does cover patented pharmaceutical hormones and they are referred to as “bioIdentical”. While this may save on the overall cost of the hormones, it is not recommended.

Finally, because Dr. Sawhill uses the compounded hormones and requires the 24 hour urinary hormone metabolite test within 3-6 months of beginning bHRT, you can be assured that safety and safe metabolism of not only the prescribed hormones but also your naturally produced hormones will be assessed and monitored.