Food Allergy Testing

Serum Food Allergy testing is a mainstay of a complete Naturopathic Makeover – ignorance is not bliss when it comes to hidden food allergies!  Seemingly harmless foods can wreak havoc in a body over time, especially if one is unknowingly allergic to the food. Food allergen reactions cause and contribute to a variety of symptoms including pain, mental/emotional dis-ease, and chronic disease including autoimmune.  In the case of environmental allergies, the symptoms of asthma, hay fever and congestion are greatly reduced when people know which foods aggravate the body overall. Dr. Sawhill has witnessed many people reduce and even discontinue their need for over-the-counter and prescribed allergy medications.

Discovering how certain foods affect one’s body will help improve health and life in ways most people have not ever experienced, especially if it is a food they have eaten for all of their lives. Dr. Sawhill follows a specific protocol that involves testing, going over the results in-person, avoidance of the positive results (and other foods depending on the individual’s specific symptoms and results) for a short period of time to clear all reactions and allow the body a “vacation” to heal.  Afterwards, another check-in visit is recommended so that Dr. Sawhill can physically assess response to the avoidance, as well as determine any underlying issues that may need to be addressed.  This visit is also one of the most important doctor visits a person may have because the reintroduction of each food is reviewed.  Reintroduction of the foods in a meticulous and systematic way is what will yield the most information and is the most valuable component of this type of testing.

One of the most asked questions regarding this re-introduction visit is:  WHY?

What was once considered a “food intolerance” we now know are often true allergic reactions in which your serum forms immunoglobulins with the food being tested.  Because of the subtle nature of these reactions and the body’s ability to tamper-down and desensitize us to those reactions, many people have no idea how vital they can feel without a constant re-triggering of an unknown allergic reaction.  Additionally, often there is what is called the threshold effect.  When we eat a food we are (unknowingly) allergic to, much of the energy and resources of the body goes into dealing with the negative response that is caused.  Too much of this continuous drain on the body ultimately crosses the threshold and people begin to experience worsening symptoms as well as symptoms they never had.

Food is one of the great pleasures in life.  To know precisely how one’s physical apparatus will feel when a positive allergenic food is introduced is priceless. This method gives people valuable information to make deliberate choices regarding food for the rest of their lives. Dr. Sawhill wants to see you succeed, and to discover the surprises that are consistently yielded when people follow the protocol.

Dr. Sawhill’s protocol 

The clinic now offers a package deal for this protocol. Additional information is available on our scheduling page (see the footer immediately below for the link to schedule).

Give yourself the knowledge to make specific choices about the food you choose to eat for the rest of your life!