Individualized Genome (Genetic) Analysis

Genetic Analysis 

As a separate service, Dr. Sawhill is proud to offer an analysis of your individual chromosomal results as they function separately and together, as well as an in-person visit to ask questions/fill in the blanks as far as health, physical, mental and emotional presentation. The result is an individualized recommended treatment and way of life for each person to address their own unique genetic code.

Many people have taken advantage of our technology and ordered a saliva test kit from one of the several online genetic analysis services which gives a diagram of the 23 chromosomes and the mutations. To understand these mutations and what these chromosomal genes, alleles and SNP’s all indicate, we must take into account the physical, actual presentation of who we are and our bodies, our wellness and our un-wellness.  Keep in mind that we do not know all there is to know, we are limited by our technology and our understanding; we are limited by what we have yet to discover about all the processes that occur without our tending to them on a cellular level.

Dr. Sawhill studied genome analysis under Dr. Ben Lynch.  It can be a time consuming process pouring over the SNP’s and the potential indications of the individual genome.  Moreover, at times the results are confusing because of the lack of family history and/or symptoms that the test results indicate. This is the value of the in-person visit – to correlate and cross-reference the genome with the physical apparatus.