Kangen Water Medical Device

Dandelion Naturopathic P.C. is a distributor for the Enagic machine: Kangen water medical device that turns tap water into filtered, alkaline, and micro-clustered water.  The micro-clustering and the materials used in manufacturing (highest grade titanium plates available) are what set this machine in a class by itself and give it the designation of “medical device” as opposed to “filter.”  Try out Kangen water at your appointment, or bring a container to fill-up and take with you!

Additional Information on Enagic Kangen Water Machine.

Topical Uses for Kangen Water.

Why Alkaline Water? 

Our bodies are an intricate and amazing design. Each area of the body maintains a certain pH level, for example, the stomach is very acidic, and the low acid pH ensures absorption of many nutrients in addition to assisting in the digestive process. In the blood, the pH is just off neutral and needs to stay there to maintain life.  In order to keep the pH balanced, the body will leach alkaline minerals from bones and elsewhere. Considering the stress level of most people alive today, the so-called “Standard American Diet,” and the toxins our bodies are exposed to daily, all of these factors contribute to a highly acidic system which the body deals with through various biochemical processes. Additionally, low grade acidosis of the body is expected and attributed to aging.    Alkaline water, much like fruits and vegetables, helps to create more of an alkaline balance to counteract the acidic effect of the stress hormones, diet, and pollution. Alkaline water is yet another way to help a person feel and be well.

While any water can be made alkaline by the addition of bases like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and sodium hydroxide, also known as lye.  Lye is commonly added to public water at water treatment facilities to reduce acidity and decrease corrosion to pipes. What sets the Kangen machine apart is the micro-clustering effect of the 5 titanium plates in the machine, mimicking the effects of naturally occurring underground springs.

What is Micro-clustering?

Water naturally prefers a 10-16 molecule formation.  Micro-clustering breaks up this formation into smaller 3-5 molecule clusters, allowing singular molecules to assimilate through cell walls before reaching the stomach acid.  This results in better hydration, permeability and solubility of the water.  The benefits of clustered water were upheld by an independent study conducted by the Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society, which found that 60 percent of people who drank clustered water had their cellular hydration level increase tenfold.

Dr. Sawhill has experienced and witnessed many beneficial results from drinking this water, including improved texture and taste of the water (many people do not drink water because they do not like the “taste”), improved hydration, improved digestion and elimination, improved mental alertness, decreased pain, decreased inflammation including the inflammation that causes bloating and weight gain. Although the company does not boast cure of any disease, the Enagic Kangen machine gained recognition with people dealing with cancer. People have reported and attributed the resolution of a variety of health issues from cancer to toenail fungus to the Kangen water. (*See article below for discussion of other health benefits)

The final verdict is best weighed after a 4 week trial of drinking only this water.  If you have not tried this water, we strongly encourage you to stop by when we are open to fill up your container.  The water will remain filtered and alkaline, however, since water prefers to be in the larger molecule formation, the micro-clustered effects of the water will dissipate after a few days. While there is no charge for the water, the best is to have a machine in your home and to drink it right out of the tap, every day!

Recommended Reading about Alkaline and Kangen Water.


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